Course levels

level 1

We strip back to the very basics and develop a real relationship with the camera. This is something every actor, no matter how experienced, needs to be vigilant about.

We start with the script, letting go of, for now, looking for answers or making choices and deal, in detail, with finding the right questions, discovering the key to "not acting".

Thus, students begin to learn practical techniques that can be used on set and in the screen test situation.

level 2

In this course we continue to consolidate the techniques learned in course one and look, in depth, at the habits we have formed that get in the way of us and the performance.

We learn more about inviting the camera in and how to be the performance rather than present one. We also begin to layer the character, discovering his/her characteristics and the choices the script opens up to us.

level 3

This level enables us all to polish and play. It's where we integrate everything we have learned, concentrating on owning it for ourselves and strengthening our confidence in taking it out into the world, making the teacher redundant.

We also look at a bag of tricks Kevin and I have employed over the years that can get you through on those odd days when it just ain't "happening"


Our price is $450 for each ten week course. This compares with $500-$550 for equivalent courses in Melbourne with coaches who have far less practical on the job experience than Shane and Kev.


New courses starting soon - contact us for more information.

Contacts & getting there

The Actor's Coach

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