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Meet Your Acting Coach

Stephen Hunter


As a professional film and television actor with over 25 years of experience and an acting coach and mentor, I know what it takes to succeed in this industry. I’ve been through the ups and downs and understand the dedication and hard work it takes to make it. 


But, I also know that it’s not just about hard work. It’s about tapping into all the resources available to you, including coaches, courses, and schools. That’s why I promise to share all of my knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you achieve your acting goals.

So, are you ready to roll? Let’s make it happen!

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The Actors Coach is for new and aspiring Screen Actors who:

Want to be a successful, professional screen actor – but don’t know how to start or what to do next!

Are trying really hard – but not sure if they’re on the right track.

Don’t know how to create an effective showreel, self-tape or what to look for in an agent.

Want a supportive coach and community they can practise scenes and rehearsals with and ask those burning questions to!

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How to Work With The Actors Coach

The Screen Acting App

The revolutionary On Demand Screen Acting App. Learn the Secrets of becoming a Professional Screen Actor – with Stephen – The Actors Coach.

Stephen shares his 25+ years of Knowledge, Expertise and Experience in the Film & TV industry to help take your Screen Acting Career to the next level.

THE PRO ACTORS SELF TAPE CHECKLIST Don’t film your Self Tape without checking you have EVERYTHING you need! Open this FREE Checklist directly on the SCREEN ACTING App!

SCREEN ACTING ESSENTIALS Learn The 6 KEY Steps to Screen Acting Success. Find out what it takes to Become a Professional Screen Actor or take your Career to the next level!

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screen Acting PRO

An on-demand, online coaching program for actors that want to master their self-tapes and showreels – with confidence!


PRO Actors 6 Week Challenge – a 30-day intensive program covering Stephen’s own screen acting process. Complete video lessons and exercises, measure career progress, and take tangible actions daily, all on your own schedule.

PRO Actors Coaching Support – Personalised course and career support. Ask questions, overcome obstacles, set goals, and get feedback on your work.

Actors Coach Community – Stay connected with your coach through the community function on the app, private Facebook group and the weekly Zoom calls, recorded and available to view at any time on the app.

Exclusive Coaching Calls – Access private live Zoom calls, recorded and available to view at any time on the app.

SCREEN ACTING Pro subscribers also get 30% off 1 on 1 Private sessions

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Private Coaching for Actors

30 or 60-minute private Zoom sessions with  Stephen Hunter. 


Career Mentoring – Expert consultation and guidance for your acting career.

Audition Script Breakdown – Great for prepping your self-tape or audition before taping.

Remote Audition Directing – I can be your reader and director to help you produce a high-quality audition.

Showreels – I’ll cut your showreel live on the call and share Final Cut Pro on my screen with you.

*ALL Coaching calls are remote via Zoom

Client Success Stories

“Stephen Hunters teaching has transformed the way I approach my acting career. With the Screen Acting PRO challenge, he developed a very holistic, but condensed approach to scene-work, creating a showreel and navigating the industry. He is not just a great teacher, but an amazing mentor, understanding the challenges one faces, he helps to overcome them with his positive attitude and approachable strategies. Plus he is building an amazing, supportive community with the Facebook group and the weekly zoom calls. I’m proud to be a part of this”.

Saif Alawadi

“I’m incredibly grateful to have been coached by Stephen. He knows exactly what to say and do, and his wealth of experience helped me land my biggest role. Stephen saw things in the script breakdown that never crossed my mind. Nothing felt over complicated, he simplified everything and gave me the courage to nail the test. After being coached by Stephen, 90% of my worries were gone, and I walked into the audition feeling confident and in absolute control. “

Nicholas Steain

“(Screen Acting Pro is) A genuinely helpful and supportive method to help actors break through procrastination and make impactful developments in their craft, overcome blocks and look at your business holistically to ensure longevity and personal fulfilment”

Alexander Smith

“I wanted to thank you for the acting confident challenge. I recently finished up my first paid acting gig!
All the things I learnt, helped immensely, and it definitely helped me deliver a confident and realistic performance.”

Mystery Person

“Stephen is an amazing teacher. He has his own girls so he was very good at coaching my daughter for a urgent audition tape that was requested for a movie role.
Just after one session, the difference between the self-tape we did and the one he shot was incredible. My daughter had trouble with US accent she had to put on but the rest was perfect. I would absolutely recommend Stephen to any aspiring actors.”

Eddie Nelson

“Stephen isn’t only an amazing coach but a great human. The way he explains things are so simple and effective.
He has helped my acting in ways I can’t even explain. Whenever I doubt myself or get in my head, Stephen listens and helps. His positive demeanour, passion for acting & his desire to help is what has helped me stick it out in Acting, if it wasn’t for finding Stephen so early on in my acting I don’t know where I’d be. Stephen will continue being my coach no matter what. I recommend him to anyone who is in this industry.”

Joel Sheeran

“With Stephens experience and mentor ship, I gained confidence and sharpened my audition skills. My new showreel landed one of Australia’s top agents.”

Morrissey Management
Christo Knudsen

“Stephen helped me secure my first role in a major Netflix production. His clear and enthusiastic direction helped my feel confident and comfortable with getting into character and diving head first into the scene. Stephen’s experience also helped me find little key moments in the script that really helped flesh the scene out. I’ve never felt more confident than when working with Stephen as his positive attitude helps get the best out of me”

Pieces of Her (Netflix)
Sam Rechner

“Stephen Hunter has been a valuable Acting coach over the last 12 months. Helping me with many aspects of my training and development, including, self-taping, script breakdowns and character dissecting. From the outset of our relationship, Stephen’s welcoming and enthusiastic energy was instrumental in building a comfortable environment to work”

Steven Spielbergs The Fablemans, The Wilds, Ruby's Choice
Adam Hedditch

“Stephen Hunter has changed my life. His guidance through the audition process gave me the acting confidence I always dreamed of.”

The Messenger, Harrow, Last Kings of The Cross

Become a professional actor with the Screen Acting App

You could spend years trying to work it out for yourself – OR you could learn DECADES of experience, knowledge & expertise in DAYS, with The Actors Coach – Stephen Hunter – a Professional Film & TV Actor for over 25 years.

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