Learn the 6 Steps to BOOKING Professional Acting Work

Start your journey to being a Professional Film & TV Actor – no matter what your experience level! Follow these easy steps in your OWN TIME, On Demand in The Actors Coach App

Does Self Doubt and Uncertainty stop you from achieving your Acting Dreams?

Screen Acting Essentials is a clear and PROVEN pathway to help you realise your dream of BOOKING Professional Acting Work.

I’ll teach you the 6 KEY steps that I use in my OWN 25 year Career, to book Film & TV shows like… The Hobbit Trilogy, Thor: Love & Thunder, Heartbreak High (Netflix), The Leftovers (HBO), The Tourist (BBC) and more!

It took me YEARS of Trial and Error to learn all of this – but I’ll share ALL my Knowledge, Experience and Expertise in just DAYS!

And you an do Screen Acting Essentials in your own time – on any device, using The Actors Coach App.

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You will Learn

How to understand and ‘break down a scene’ like a seasoned Pro

How to film a ‘Self tape’ that makes agents and casting directors take notice
Learn the 2 things you MUST HAVE when approaching agents
My proven strategy for growing and developing your Acting skills
How to BUST self doubt and Uncertainty to FASTRACK your career with confidence

How to BOOK Professional Acting work without second guessing your Ability or Direction Because you Deserve to realise your Acting Dreams!



Do you doubt your ability to succeed as an Actor?

Believing you CAN is the 1st step. This is your passion you are already an Actor! So the next step…



Are you uncertain how to grow and develop yourself as an Actor?

Perfecting your Acting craft takes regular PRACTICE! Find FREE resources or Invest in classes or coaching


Scene Study

Do you find effectively ‘breaking down’ a Scene challenging?

You need to know what you WANT, what you’re DOING to get it (and HOW) and the RELATIONSHIPS.



Do you think you need to upgrade your equipment before filming your Self Tapes?

No need to spend big $$ on equipment. A phone, natural light & non-distracting background will do it.



Are you confused about what to send a potential agent – and how?

You need to show you can Act & what you look like. An effecive Showreel & Headshots are top priority.



Do you struggle with a lack of support in your Acting Journey?

You are in the Business of YOU! So you need a team of great people around you! Including coaches, mentors, family, friends & fellow actors

Each video lesson covers the points above. Plus you’ll get a worksheet for each lesson, so you can assess your career and take tangible actions every day!

“This Step by Step strategy has helped endless clients Book Work, Get Agents and FASTRACK their Acting Careers to a level they never thought possible. Now YOU have the chance to kick start YOUR career and Start BOOKING Professional Acting Work – regardless of experience.”

Client Testimonials

“Stephen helped me land my biggest role. He saw things in the script that never crossed my mind. I walked into the audition feeling in absolute control.”

Saif Alawadi

“For Showreels, auditions or finding an agent. Stephen real world acting experience is highly recommended.”

Elliott Charlz

“Steve is a legend, and his course was a game changer for me.”

Katherine Munroe

“Stephen is not just a great teacher, but an amazing mentor.”

Johannes Prignitz
Joel Sheeran

“Stephens experience and mentorship helped me land one of Australia’s top agents.”

Joel Sherran
Adam Hedditch

Stephen Hunter changed my life. He gave me the acting confidence I always dreamed of. I cannot recommend him highly enough

Adam Hedditch

Client Stories

When I first met Adam, his biggest obstacle was not knowing how to audition effectively and book more jobs – and his crippling Self Doubt 💔.

Adam desperately wanted to nail his auditions and book professional acting work because he genuinely loved being an actor – and had already committed years of his life to it~

Adam had tried for years to break through to the next level – but nothing seemed to work 😔.

He was hesitant to try yet ANOTHER solution, as he really thought he’d gone as far as he could go. He felt like giving up, but I’m grateful he trusted me and took the first step.

His low expectations turned into to a growing confidence in his ability and career path, as we implemented my 6 step system. And when we first worked together on an audition – he booked the job! 🤩.

I remember getting the message from him while I was shopping and it made me SO happy, as we all deserved to realise our Acting Dreams.

Realise your DREAM of Booking Professional Acting Work – with Screen Acting Essentials

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